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Essential Questions when Buying Your Golf Car

How/Where will I use my Golf Car?

Knowing how you'll be using your golf car is important. There are two main categories to choose from: Standard Golf Cars and shuttles for personal and golfing use, and Commercial / Industrial models.

Standard Golf Cars generally hold two to four people (up to 6 people) and are typically used for personal use - getting around a home, yard, neighborhood, campground or community.
Commercial / Industrial models are often used for "utility" purposes - hauling tools, parts, fertilizer, sporting equipment etc. These vehicles are often have stronger engines, heavier suspensions, larger tires, and can carry bigger payloads.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Car?

An often asked question is "should I buy a Gas or an Electric Golf Car?”
Gas Golf Cars give you a greater range and may provide more power for carrying heavy loads. This makes them a good choice for long expeditions, hunting/ farming use, security patrols, or using for extended periods of time without the ability to "recharge".
Electric Golf Cars operate by using a bank of standard lead-acid batteries (36v-48v). They're designed to be used all day (10-15 mile range per charge) then recharged at night. Electric cars are obviously quieter and can be cheaper to buy and easier and less expensive to operate and maintain then gas powered golf carts.

What features are important to me?

Common features that can be added to a golf car are: rear seats, flip cargo box rear seats, cargo beds, extended tops (80-116”), head and tail lights, windshields, seat covers and more. We "customize" cars on-site and can get as fancy as you want: lift kits, upgraded tires/wheels, paint jobs, stereo’s / CD players, performance enhancements, and the list goes on. Browse our lot or website for ideas and options.

What budget do I have in mind?

Golf cars typically range in price from $1500.00 to $4500 for used / reconditioned up to $4700-$8000.00+ for brand new. Variables that affect this price range include: new vs. used, gas vs. electric, the age of the car, how much "reconditioning" it needs or has been done, and the various options/accessories add to the vehicle.

Choosing a Golf Car Dealer

Choosing the right golf car dealer is important. The dealer will provide the service and support to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come after the sale. It is critical that you find one who is reputable, stable, and can provide top-notch service. Years in business, a good stocked parts department, factory trained mechanics, transportation availability (pickup and delivery), and knowledgeable sales staff are all important things to consider in the buying process - not just the "cheapest price". Golf cars are like everything else, you get what you pay for.

Please give us a call at 888-853-7746 or e-mail us at and let us know what we can do to help you with your golf cart rental, sales, service, parts, accessories or transportation needs today.


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